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  1. Stonehaven Kitsune Swordsman Miniature
  2. Stonehaven Grippli Potion Maker Miniature
  3. Half Orc Cleric

    Half Orc Cleric

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  4. Stonehaven Dwarf Monk Miniature
  5. Stonehaven Gnome Archer Miniature
  6. Stonehaven Gnome Wizard Female
  7. Stonehaven Pixie Mage Miniature
  8. Stonehaven Pixie Thief Miniature
  9. Stonehaven Pixie Fighter Miniature
  10. Stonehaven Pixie Wizard Miniature
  11. Half Orc Necromancer
  12. Stonehaven Kitsune Assassin Miniature
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